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The Ultra Barre Experience


Ultra Barre is a fusion of ballet barre, dance conditioning, yoga and Pilates-based movements designed to tone the muscles in a safe, yet effective workout. Founded by university professor, Teal Darkenwald, each exercise was curated from a broad somatic spectrum to allow you the best supplemental training experience. Whether you are a teacher interested in our instructor training program or a dancer ready to take your training to the next level. Raise the barre with Ultra Barre!

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Ultra Barre Online Education Program

Whether you're trying to improve your dance technique or become a stronger, more aligned dancer, these FULL Ultra Barre classes will challenge your balance, coordination and neuromuscular control. Darkenwald will guide you through a series of targeted exercises that will challenge the professional dancer but will also offer plenty of modifications for beginners or those just getting back to dancing after a break. Subscribe for details on how you can access the new Ultra Barre Online Education program.

Teal Darkenwald, Founder & University Professor

Darkenwald uses her background as a dance biomechanist to develop an ever-evolving supplemental training program to be used in the dance classroom or as a standalone experience. She has taught this work throughout the world from London to the Philippines and Cyprus to Chicago. Taking a research-based approach to developing exercises, you will be sure to have a safe, effective workout.

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Ultra Barre Instructor Training

We've gone digital! Join us for the Ultra Barre Instructor Training program. Darkenwald will lead you through the foundational exercises breaking down the objectives for each exercise and teaching you the biomechanical principles behind each movement series. Whether you want to improve your personal practice or teach classes, this certification program will increase your body awareness and give you the confidence to train effectively.

Advanced Ultra Barre Class with Joffrey Ballet Dancers

Do you want to improve your technique AND become a stronger dancer? Join the dancers worldwide that have used Ultra Barre to take their training to the next level. Start with the digital Ultra Barre class downloads or just dive right in to the full Ultra Barre Instructor Training Program. Click our SUBSCRIBE button to find out how you can join the Ultra Barre team.


NOW Accepting Applications for the next Ultra Barre Instructor Training cohort.

The new digital format allows you to take your time working through a series of asynchronous videos that breakdown each of the foundational exercises. Plus you can join Teal for live sessions to ask questions and get teaching tips on how to integrate the Ultra Barre work into your own teaching and personal training. There is no better investment of your time than taking care of your body and mind!


It's Time to Raise the Barre

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